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Julie Roehm Bio

Julie Roehm is SVP Advertising, “Main Storyteller” at drain. Previously, of all dimensions she offered companies in most companies, like a Marketing Strategy Advisor. Her customer list includes ad companies, Period Inc., BIAP Credit Suisse, and others including multiple start-ups inside new media rooms and the technology. She addresses on the Leigh Business talking signal, is actually a regular contributor on Fox Business News.

Ahead of this, Roehm was advertising communications for Chrysler Party with responsibility for all branded communication attempts for that Chrysler, Jeep ® and Dodge brands’ director. Roehm’s tasks include creative and marketing buying; car exhibits, branded events and partnerships; active advertising and gaming, customer relationship management, retailing and licensing, and supplier marketing organization communications.

Julie Roehm has been praised on her effective attempts in moving awareness and the marketing sectors understanding regarding stale industry practices and media blend, specially because it concerns the media buying and marketing process where she recommended a fresh market driven process based upon the NASDAQ process. Roehm traces the near future of media as broadband and two-way devices replace current communication strategies. The outcome and imminent talks have now been conversation such publications’ topic as Automotive News Advertising Era, NY Times and also other notable magazines.

While the Marketing All-Star for 2004, Roehm was called in 2004 Performing Mom’s Top 25 Girls of 2004, Automotive Marketer of the Year by Brand week and by Automotive Information. It was succeeded by an initiation to executives under 40 years of age into the AAF Marketing Corridor of Success for outstanding efficiency inside the area of marketing that was marketing and. In 2005, she was known like a 100 Influential Women in the Automotive Market and was inducted into Fame’s Automotive Hall. Additionally, in December of 2005, Ad Era called Chrysler Active Marketer of the Year, under Roehm’s management. Finally Roehm was called as runner-up Corporate Advertising Government of the Year by the Delaney Record and was granted using the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Enterprise “Distinguished Alumni” honor.

Easy approaches to make your employees happier

We have all gone to conventions and watched inspiring speakers talk to us about how the most effective run businesses are on the basis of the best. I do believe that is believed by most of us. But also often, personnel would be even the changing requirements of buyers or the types by transforming fiscal conditions most adversely influenced. Maintaining these wonderful workers becomes a challenge that is significant in tough times. So what can be achieved — beyond major bonuses and pay raises — to preserve them happy?

“Satisfied” employees are often confused with the “best-paid” personnel. Do not get me wrong: People need and have to be paid a fair salary. But also frequently, managers observe upsetting worker satisfaction results and routinely believe whenever they could merely toss more cash in the dilemma, all will be better or hear grievances. And possibly it’d be — for a while. But when I have learned something within the length of my vacation, it is that money is really a Band-Aid joy and is robust to seek out. Bonuses and lifts are certainly not a-one-measurement-suits-all repair.


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